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We Offer:

  1. RESULTS - Students typically gain 2 to 4 grade-levels within 30 to 60 hours. 
  2. ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION -Individuals are taught with one-on-one instruction by a patient, dedicated and trained teacher.
  3. FREE ASSESSMENT -Other programs charge $150 or more for the initial assessment.  
  4. NO CONTRACTS - No obligation to sign a long-term contract. 

Helping others become excellent readers

Does your child struggle with reading? 

Becoming an excellent reader is a simple process. Academic Associates Reading Center provides the simple tools to become a good reader. The reading course encompasses all the sounds, rules and processes of reading beginning with word-attack skills and progressively encompassing comprehension, retention, evaluation, application and fluency.

Not all Phonics Programs are the Same

The Academic Associates reading program has been so successful because it teaches students to:

  • Decode written words by mastering all the sounds of each letter and combination of letters in the alphabet.  There are 26 letters in the alphabet and 44 sounds.  
  • Recognize and use the rules of phonics to decode words correctly. 
  • Blend the sounds of the letters to pronounce words, and to combine words into sentences.
  • Master word-attack skills at a level at least appropriate to, and often exceeding, their current school level.
  • Read standardized material proficiently and fluently while mastering comprehension
  • Read at least 300 words in the first lesson while many first grade reading programs teach 200 - 600 words.

The Program Does NOT Use:

  • Flashcards to teach reading as it promotes  memorizing.
  • Visual or counterfeit phonics. For example, substituting one consonant for another at the beginning or ending of words to make a new word (such as using "at" and adding a "c", "r", or "m" to make up a word). 
  • Objects or colors to represent sounds because it over stimulates the brain.
  • Pictures in teaching reading as it promotes guessing. 
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